Excellent singing today

Some really great singing today by the choir. In particular, the Israeli song, which  went down really well. Should you wish to look it up on Youtube,  its called Hewenu Shalom. More great singing next time. We will have a harpist who is playing with us, so be sure to come along. I assure you, a choir and a harp is a truly magical sound, and also quite rare. Best wishes, Peter

2 thoughts on “Excellent singing today

  1. Another excellent session today, we are on course for learning all of our music for the Nottinghamshire Show gig.
    We sang beautifully at Ruth’s wedding today, exactly what a community choir should be doing. Well done all. See you in two weeks. Happy singing! Peter


  2. March 4th

    Another great sing today, lots learnt. All through Green Green, Liverpool Lou, and the new African song Think of me. Some really beautiful singing, such a lovely tone.
    We also had a wonderful time learning our first barbershop piece. It should go down well when we perform it at our next concert. Well done all.

    We managed to compete well on numbers as well, considering that Mr Rutter over in Southwell was taking his workshop. I hope that those that went had a great time.

    See you all on 18th March


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